Taronga Technology can assist you in the following areas:

Embedded Software

Taronga Technology has profound knowledge of developing  software for embedded  systems. We have extensive experience with many different processors, such as Arm Cortex-M0, CR16, MIPS, PowerPC, Silabs-8051, Freescale I.MX27/31 with Arm9/Arm11.

Taronga Technology has been working with Dialog and Dialog’s chipsets for over 20 years.

Specifically for SmartBond customers, we can assist with:

For Dect customers, we can help with

DSP Algorithms

Taronga Technology has developed many DSP algorithms for DECT audio/video applications. We created an extensive DSP function library for the Gen2DSP, including functions such as 

Taronga can help you with porting of complex audio and voice codecs. Algorithms ported in the past include 

Taronga is an expert in carrying out extensive memory and performance optimizations for such algorithms. We have profound knowledge of the Gen2DSP and CoolFlux DSP, but can also assist with other DSPs such as Tensilica Hifi2/3, C55x, etc.

DSP Architectures

Taronga Technology has abundant experience in creating DSP architectures for numerous application domains. The group pioneered the C-to-RTL flow with ArtDesigner architectural synthesis tools being part of Frontier Design/Adelante in the past.

Taronga was also instrumental in the development of the Gen2DSP, a highly efficient proprietary 16-bits processor which used for Voice and Audio processing. The Gen2DSP was created with IP-Programmer of Synopsys (formerly Target Compiler Technologies).