DSP Algorithms

Taronga Technology has developed many DSP algorithms for DECT audio/video applications. We created an extensive DSP function library for the Gen2DSP, including functions such as 

  • FIR/IIR filters
  • real/complex FFTs
  • Caller ID detection,
  • Fsk detection/generation,
  • DTMF recognition,
  • Echo Cancellation,
  • Polyphonic Midi,
  • Viterbi
  • DCTs
  • Resamplers

Taronga can help you with porting of complex audio and voice codecs. Algorithms ported in the past include 

  • MP3
  • Celt-Opus
  • G729ab
  • G726
  • G722
  • G711
  • BroadVoice 16/32 

Taronga is an expert in carrying out extensive memory and performance optimizations for such algorithms. We have profound knowledge of the Gen2DSP and CoolFlux DSP, but can also assist with other DSPs such as Tensilica Hifi2/3, C55x, etc.